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WOW – When I began over 12 months ago with the Kandee brand I didn’t expect to be writing my first blog post! Firstly, welcome to our brand new website and the official start of Spring/Summer with the launch of our new LOUD! Collection. We have also introduced a mobile version of the website to get your sugar fix at your fingertips on the move – so I hope you all like our new look and features now available at www.houseofjow.com!

When I decided to start writing a blog for the new site, I struggled to think what to blog about in the first post a number of different things we’d done over the past 6 months sprang to mind from the fantastic trip to Barcelona Fashion Week; seeing our coveted Gold Roche sandals on Spain’s most anticipated Manuel Bolano show, the ‘Kandeelicious’ press launch of LOUD! or WHO THE FUGE IS MR KANDEE!  I decided on the last one, up until now I have taken a ‘mysterious’ approach and left ‘Who is Mr Kandee?’ to YOU! However, in the first post, I wanted to answer your questions and provide you with some more information about me and how I started designing.

My name is Josh Wayman and I am 22 years old! I left school with no qualifications and having no fashion background whatsoever but a passion for shoe design! Originally trained as a hairdresser I decided to take the plunge and immerse myself in the fashion industry – always following the trends and that eye for detail. However I was rejected by major fashion houses and therefore continued designing shoes in my spare time until I started having ‘Kandee’ ideas in late 2010! It seems like such a long while ago now – however as always things happen extremely quickly especially in the fashion world!

So that’s how Kandee and I begun… so I asked my Twitter followers a few weeks ago to tweet or send me in questions for the first blog. I wanted to answer all of them but was informed that a 30 page first blog wasn’t the best idea! So here are the general questions I seemed to have been asked.

“Where did your idea of candy inspired heels come from?”

I have always loved sweets from a young boy to now. If I haven’t got a Pick’n’Mix bag in my hands or a chocolate bar in close proximity something is definitely wrong!  The entire brand is related to my love of ‘Kandee’ – from the brand’s name, shoe names, designs, colours, textures right through to the packaging. Especially this Spring/Summer with the tissue paper being designed around an authentic Pick’N’Mix style pattern! 

“Have you always been a fan of women’s footwear?”

I have always followed and loved anything to do with fashion. My grandmother has always followed the trends even now at 72 years of age and therefore she was my main inspiration for creating this brand and allowing our customers to really encompass my philosophy of setting trends instead of following them. Fashion is all about empowerment and feeling special in your whole style and I believe that my designs reach out to every woman. They allow her to set her own styles/trends whilst making them an outfit in themselves.

“What inspires Mr Kandee other than sweeties?”

Inspiration comes majorly from sweets and their associations; whether that be colour, texture, or taste. However I do take inspiration from a number of sources in everyday life – it’s amazing what can inspire you to design and create. It’s all about development of your imagination – which has no limits! 

“Where does the name Kandee Shoes come from?”

Well basically it was a variation of the American term of sweets, Candy. I wanted a name which a majority of people could pronounce and also understand – its important to be really accessible with names – I didn’t want to create a brand that people were scared to pronounce the name incorrectly or didn’t make sense. I want the brand to be accessible and really place all my decisions at the heart of the customers.

“How long does it take for a design to go from your imagination to a foot?”

This is the question and it really does differ depending on a number of different aspects. It can take weeks or months! However when designing my collections, I always make sure that my whole heart and soul goes into the designs. I want to create shoes which woman will connect with, which tell a story whilst being fashionable at an accessible price point. Some designs take longer than others once the sample has been created to make sure that the comfort is right or the shade of the colouring 100% correct. I always will only produce shoes that I believe in and want to you to love – so a lot of time and effort goes into designing the collections and styles and that is what you deserve!

Well, I hope you enjoyed reading my first blog post! I will be blogging a various Kandee related things from what to team with our shoes to what I have been getting up to, from designing the latest collections to visiting Nanny Pat who I must say is a Kandee Mega Fan and occasionally likes to wear a pair herself! Follow me for quick fashion tips and all things Kandee on Twitter, @MrKandee

With Love,


Mr Kandee





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